9 August 2022

Afrik-Akili: A manifesto of positive definition for the people of Africa

Launched on the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples 2022 and South Africa’s Women’s Day, the Afrik-Akili Declaration symbolises a moment of celebration of Africa and what it has to offer at this pivotal time in the history of our planet.

The Declaration is a contribution of an African sense (Swahili: akili), a celebration of the African continent, its people, its ecological richness, and its place in the world. Serving as a bridge of understanding and an appeal for universal acknowledgment from the people of Africa.

In the face of the multiple crises we face today, the Declaration seeks to unite people in awareness of Africa’s value, to inspire and to raise consciousness. It aims to be a source of inspiration for all African as we navigate various challenges.

Connection and interconnection is central to the Declaration’s philosophy; interconnection between generations past, present and those yet to be born, between traditional African scientific traditions and future knowledge systems, weaving together as invaluable sources of learning and influence for a sustainable future.  It also highlights that a living systems approach is fundamental to understand the world: encompassing time, nature, communities and work.

A profound sense of community and respect for diversity lies at the heart of the Declaration.  Known by different names throughout Africa,  such as ‘ubuntu’, ‘omenala’ and others.


A manifesto of positive definition for the people of Africa


The Afrik-Akili Declaration is a contribution of an African sense (Swahili: akili), of the African continent, its people, its ecological richness, and its place in the world. It is a pronouncement of a shared understanding of African-ness for the people of Africa and the world. It is an appreciative assertion of a self-defining affirmation of Africa, by Africa. It is at once a reverence for who we are and an amplification of the best of ourselves. As a corridor of comprehension, it is an invitation from the people of Africa to the people of the world for mutual recognition.

The Afrik-Akili Declaration marks a moment of celebration of all that Africa is, and all it has to offer at a critical point in the evolution of our planet.

We, the people of Africa, declare that:

  • Africa is the birthplace of humanity and we believe that all humans share a common humanity.
  • The ancient wisdom of Africa is at the disposal of its future and at the service of humanity. It holds enormous richness and inspiration for sense-making of the emerging new civilisations.
  • The people of Africa are defining their role in the future of humanity and respect the fullness of the diversity of humanity.
  • We are responsible to future generations. We aspire to be good future elders and ancestors, and to ensure the well-being of those who will inherit our legacy.
  • The people of Africa, her natural resources and culture of belonging and community best serve humanity when her values of inclusion, circularity and sustainability are respected.
  • Connectedness and interdependence are central to our philosophy. It means a connection between all peoples on earth, with whom we share a common humanity. We possess a profound sense of community and respect for all members of society. We know this by various names throughout the continent, such as ‘ubuntu’, ‘omenala’ and others.
  • We celebrate our scientific traditions and continue to contribute to the global body of new knowledge in a way that affirms our people and our planet.
  • A living systems approach is fundamental to our understanding of the world. We view time, nature, communities, and work as expressions of the dynamism of life.
  • We believe in a profound connection between the ecological gifts from our ancestors, and the abundance of opportunity present in the fecund futures we share with all living systems in nature, and those yet to be born.
  • We are future-oriented and embrace the opportunities of a time yet to come while we retain a fluid sense of time & space in which the past, present and future co-exist. This wisdom we learn from a deep respect for spiritual eternity and the prolific cycles of nature.

May this please the people

… our ancestors, and our children’s children!


The Afrik-Akili Declaration will be launched at a special hybrid event.
Speakers include Mamphela Ramphele, co-president of the Club of Rome, Khoi Chief Hamish Arries, Club of Rome members: Morne Mostert, Director of the Institute for Futures Research at Stellenbosch University and Christopher Mbanefo, Founder and CEO of the aviation design firm YASAVA Solutions SA. The event will also feature a number of African artistic contributions.

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