Catalysing the emergence of a human revolution

A Club of Rome program seeking to ask better questions for the future of humanity and learn from communities acting by themselves towards equitable wellbeing within a healthy ecosystem.

Catalysing the conditions for people and organisations — wherever they are — to liberate from constraining frameworks and engage in their own learning processes for regenerative change.

Ultimately looking for new syntheses of traditional wisdom, leading-edge science and humanist practices, enabling the emergence of desirable futures in a pluriversal world.

Asking better questions

A unique systems thinking perspective

What would make regenerative organisations viable and widespread?

How do we reframe the role of research to better serve society?

What is the role of African Youth in liberating our collective futures?

Can intergenerational collaboration foster systems transformation?

Can digitalisation bring a sustainable future?

What is the role of art in social transformations?

The Afrik-Akili Declaration

A manifesto of positive definition, by Africans for the future of humanity

A New Generational Contract

The Club of Rome and the St. Gallen Symposium are collaborating on a joint initiative for “A New Generational Contract”. Convening partners from the public and private sectors, science and youth, the initiative seeks to promote intergenerational fairness and more…


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