The Declaration is a contribution of an African sense (Swahili: akili), a celebration of the African continent, its people, its ecological richness, and its place in the world. Serving as a bridge of understanding and an appeal for universal acknowledgment from the people of Africa.

In the face of the multiple crises we face today, the Declaration seeks to unite people in awareness of Africa’s value, to inspire and to raise consciousness. It aims to be a source of inspiration for all African as we navigate various challenges.

Connection and interconnection is central to the Declaration’s philosophy; interconnection between generations past, present and those yet to be born, between traditional African scientific traditions and future knowledge systems, weaving together as invaluable sources of learning and influence for a sustainable future.  It also highlights that a living systems approach is fundamental to understand the world: encompassing time, nature, communities and work.

A profound sense of community and respect for diversity lies at the heart of the Declaration.  Known by different names throughout Africa,  such as ‘ubuntu’, ‘omenala’ and others.